Numbering Head


912U00-0-10-02-R-W8586 CMT Model 912 air powered hot stamp unit including:

a) Heavy duty cast iron body with 4 bolt mounting and heat sink cooling fins

b) Keyed non-rotating ram

c) Quick-change dovetail tooling mount

d) Air forward, air return motion

e) 1″ stroke

f) Maximum force 240 lb

g) Retract position proximity sensor, 24v DC Eruoconnector (PNP sourcing)


123H-1M-4A-1/8-W8586 Auto-indexable hot stamp numbering head including:

A. Solid one piece frame for strength and high heat retension

B. Temperature insulation mount to prevent heat transfer to air cylinders

C. Heaters to be special wound with controlled heat profile pattern for uniform heat distribution

D. J Wire Thermocouple

E. 1/8″, flat face engraved characters

F. (1) manually indexed wheel

G. (4) sequentially indexed wheels

H. Insulated terminal junction box with 5 foot of high temperature teflon power cord

I. CMT patented wheel alignment system

J. Engraved per attached legend layout

K. Stainless steel fasteners

L. Direct reading for ease of operator setup

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