Addind Graphics into your Handy Andy X



Handy Andy X also allows you to add DXF graphics or logos to your marking layout,


You can input a graphic by selecting graphic from the ribbon or dragging it for the entity tool box.






Once you click on the graphic icon a drop down menu will appear where you can select one of the pre -loaded graphics or chose to import your own.

























Chose your  graphic . Select anywhere in your layout to insert onto your canvas.















If you double click on your graphic, your graphic     properties will open on the right hand on the layout. Here is where you can alter as necessary.





Handy Andy X does come preloaded with some graphic files. However a DXF converter is built into the software if you would like to create your own.

















Found under the File menu Import DXF Graphic



**Currently only supports DXF format.




DXF Importer












DXF conversion algorithm



Close gap in points

Shape order optimization

Shape direction optimization

Removes overlapping or duplicate entities

Layer support to allow multi-layer DXF Files

File saved in public Dir as.cmtg

Supports Arc, Polyline.













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