Configuring IP Address

Q When trying to connect my lap top to my marking machine I receive an error letting me one or more marking machines could not connect even though they are visible.


A: Your network setting on your controller and PC need to match in order to connect .


Configuring IP Address

If your network is not matching up with your computers IP address you will

receive an error message, if you get the message you will need to modify your

computers local area connection.

Select yes to obtain the machines current IP address and suggested local


If you are connecting your marker to a network that is already configured modify

the controller only to match existing network configuration.

If your computer is NOT on an existing network you need to change the IP

address of the local area connection.

The controller ships with the following IP address set already

A recommended setting for your local are connection would look like


You will need to go into your computers network settings and modify.

Open your local area connection.

Next select properties to open your Local area connections properties.

Now uncheck the box next to internet protocol version 6(TCP/IPv6)

Select ok and return to the I-Mark Program.



This IP configuration menu below will open


Select your machine under network connections and select modify.



After selecting Modify.

Select Local Area Connection so it becomes highlighted,

Then Check the box to Obtain IP Address Automatically.

Then Select OK.

You will now be able to connect.


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