Return position sensor for model 88?

Q: Does the model 88 have a switch to tell that it’s returned and away from the part?

A: No. The model 88 does not have return switch because the return force is generated with a spring. The model 88 is a single acting cylinder – air forward, spring return. The spring wears over time and the position sensors only read with a 1/8″ range. This make any switch used in this manner unreliable.

But CMT has a solution. The model 288 is the double acting version of the model 88. The 288 is a double acting cylinder with air forward and air return. The added features available because of this include:

a) Return position sensors

b) Additional stroke length options

c) Non lubricated or DRY air models

d) Submersible

For more information about the 288 double acting 3 tone air impact marker please use this link:

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