Air impact marker marking harden cast iron parts.

Model used: 851-OK-25-00 ( Air impact Marker ) with 751KC100 Holder 

Many times CMT is asked, can air impact markers mark harden parts. 
The answer is yes, but there are issues to consider. 

1) Reduction in the amount of characters
2) Limited life expectancy of the dies

Model used: 851-OK-25-00 (Air Impact marker) with holder 751KC100
and type CMG25
Character Size- 1/4' Tall ( Sharp Face )
Number of Characters- (2)
PSI Range- 80
Stroke Range- 1"
Estimated Depth- .008"
Part Material- Carbon Steel (Harderned)
Cycle time- <2 sec

Note: The cast surface adds another obstacle. Dot Style type sometime are required to be seen clearly. 

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