Laser Maker



CMT 20 Watt Fiber Laser AC06669 Marking Machine

Including: Machine Description:
* Floor style stand alone, heavy duty, all steel fabricated and machined Base
* Fixture mounting master tooling plate assembled and installed with location points.
* Pallet powered fixture slide with heavy duty cam follower roller bearing to transfer part from load station to laser marking station and return to unload after marking.
* Machine frame structure machined and located with adjustments for laser marking system positioning devices.
* Horizontal approach slide with cushioned positive stops to focal end and retracted end.
* 90 degree pivot system to locate vertical and horizontal beam to part delivery.
* Part Present cycle start enable switch interlocked to operator and safe gate switches.
* Bar Code scanner for scan to input marking data to laser control.
* CMT Sun Burst tm 20 pulsed fiber Laser marking system,
* 50,000 minimum MTBF (vs. 10,000 maximum MTBF on Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4)
* Extended operating environments
* Operating temp 0°C and 45°C 10°C higher than other non water cooled systems
* Class I enclosure, 12 inputs and 12 outputs.
* Perimeter light tight guarding with enclosure door mounted to powered slide.
* Over head laser approved guarding and protects from dirt and shop contaminates
* All safety guarding to comply with federal and OSHA regulations and include interlocks.
* Automatic low inferred mark positioning set up feature.
* All necessary pneumatic controls and in line Air filtration with regulators and safety lock out valve.
* Machine mounted electrical control cabinet fully programmed, wired and installed with power transformer for 380v3ph/50Hz operation.
* Part location fixture to locate both TK & TL parts with hardened tool steel part touching surfaces (bolt on to allow future part changes).

Engineering and Design including:
* Machine floor plan and approval drawing
* Machine Layout with detailed stock list.
* Suggested spare parts list
* Electrical wiring diagram
* Special part fixturing and part touching details
* Pneumatic circuit diagram with sequence of events
* Operators manuals printed and CD format
* Software development and programming with default base program.
* Registration of government regulations for safety guarding.
* All above in ACAD & /or solid works format.

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