751 Slide-A-Mark Test Mark on Metal Component

Impact Mark

Impact Mark

Marking Solution tested: Impact Marking

Part Description: Steel Component

Part Material: Mild Steel

Mark info. Character size: 1/8″

Mark info: # of characters: 6

2D Matrix: Size/Shape: N/A

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark Cycle time required: N/A

Reason for test mark: Result of impact on hollow part

Sample mark #1                  Sample mark #2                                 Sample mark #3

Air pressure: 40psi             Air pressure: 40psi                                   Air pressure: 40psi

# of cahracters: 6                # of cahracters: 6                                      # of cahracters: 6

Char. Size: 1/8″                    Char. Size: 1/8″                                          Char. Size: 1/8″


          Impact marking on the supplied parts showed less than desirable results. The force required for (6) characters into mild steel caused the part to

indent under the impact force, this caused some deformation in the part as well as washout of the center characters. Mark placement was

tested in (3) areas to determine if a side wall or end area might provide better results, this was not the case. CMT did provide a sample dot-peen

mark for reference on the part.


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