Laser (( AL02280 ))

LaserTENAL2280- CMT- Dual Head Laser Marking Station to include:
* Welded steel machine base Blanchard ground with fork pockets for mounting of all station hardware.
* Dual laser mounting risers with adjustable laser positioning
* Part touch off nose piece with spring loaded compliance sealing for laser to part positioning. Redundant electro/mechanical sensing to ensure proper sealing on part before marking.
* Pneumatically driven redundant part backup details to ensure proper part positioning before mark.
* Station J/C panel with A/B 1734 series point I/O for station interlocks to customer PLC (station PLC quoted separately see options)
* Single power connection point for customer supply (120vac 25a). All control voltage to be 24vdc.
* Door mounted rotary switch type fused disconnect
* Tenneco specified Schmersal dual channel safety relays with hardwire connection to cell safety circuit.
* Customer specified

CMT-Laser FUME extraction system to include:
* Brushed stainless steel floor style cabinet with rolling casters. (39.0″ floor Ht.)
* 210cfm centrifugal direct drive brushless motor
* 20,000+ MTBF duty rated for 24hr operation
* 3-stage filter system including:
* Large capacity pre filter (1.0um) ,
* HEPA filter .3um, and Activated carbon Absorbent cell gas filter.
* Integrated controls interlock to PLC for ON/OFF operation during laser marking and idle time. Energy efficiency option
* Digital display electronic blower speed control.

* Pre-piped and wired to laser enclosure system as complete package. Includes hoses,
nozzle mounting

CMT-Engineering & Design

* Mechanical Design and development for Laser marking station and laser mounting
* Tooling layout, BOM spare parts and system lockout diagrams provided
* Complete design approval package for system buyoff before start of build provided

* CMT Onsite Runoff – 1 day
o Step through system process
* Manual operation
* Automated operation
o Overview of safety protocols and emergency stop
o Review failure modes
* Read
* Part not present
* High level
o 100 piece durability run

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