IM-M75 -AN01476


AN01476 Part AN01476









IM-M75 I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

* Marking Head Assembly¬† with marking window 75mm x 75mm, aprox. 3” x 3″
* Bench-top stand
* Controller model 200
* IM-PC Industrial PC with I-Mark software pre loaded
* Cable to connect Marking Head to Controller
* Monitor & keyboard
* System pressure regulator with air gauge included: : Coalescing Filter, regulator/shut off
* Requires 1 shop air line 1/4″ NPT & 110VAC power supply
* Standard pin assembly

Heavy duty floor style machine base featuring:
a) All steel heavy duty construction
b) Completely assembled with CMT marking system
c) Painted machine enamel CMT blue
d) Palm buttons and controls mounted to machine base
e) Include industrial locking wheels

IMMACHBASE Heavy duty floor style machine base featuring:
a) All steel construction
b) Painted machine enamel blue
c) Caster wheels
d) Large storage area for fixturing and supplies
e) Completely assembled with machine, controls mounted on the side of base.

IM-M-START – (1 button) Cycle start push button box for quick initiation of cycle start . Comes complete with cable and connection to IM Controller.
(For M-series machines)

IMIDPIN- Carbide replacement pin- (pin only)
30 degree included angle
Offers a slightly thinner mark
This is used with the IMIDPH Housing
Works with IMID series, IM-M series and Handy Andy (original)

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