LE24 Standard Features
The enclosure will be Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and Radiological
Health (CDRH)

The enclosure will a light tight bench-top model incorporating the following features:
o Large Viewable Safety Glass
o Variable Height Adjustment
o Start Button
o Emergency stop Button
o Reset Button
o Laser Status Light
o Mounted on Isolation Feet
o Rounded Door with integrated safety lock
o Auxiliary Fume Extractor Port
o Station Status Indicator
o Fixture Tee-Slot Mounting Plate

Laser Enclosure Specifications
– Voltage 120V AC
– Enclosure Dimensions: 24″ x 24″ x 26″ (W x D X H)
– Work Table: 12″ x 9″
– Z axis 10″ est (Height varies by Laser model used)
– Weight: 96#


FA1 MINI CMT-Laser FUME extraction system
* Cabinet: 16 ga . welded steel, powder coat finish Baffled – sound attenuated Sound Level: 59 dbA
* Weight: 45 lbs. (18.0” floor Ht.)
* 165cfm centrifugal direct drive brushless motor
* 20,000+ MTBF duty rated for 24hr operation
* 3-stage filter system including: Large capacity MERV 11 panel filter, HEPA filter .3um, absorbent cell, and 100% recycled environmentally safe cell.
* Digital Controls
– Electronic variable speed blower control
– Electronic individual filter monitoring w/ display
– Calibrated electronic VOC /gas sensor
– Electronic relays for remote start/stop and filter monitoring Amp Draw: 6.0 / 4.0

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