Test Mark – Laser & Scribe

orschlenColumbia Marking Tools has performed two methods of sample; the samples were done on CMT’s IMIS60 Scribe programmable and a 50 watt Fiber laser. You will see three samples from each application with various settings. The marks you will receive are not your exact readings, but are examples of what you can expect to achieve. You will see a CMT logo, and then the man readable text “SLOW” and “HIGH”. Both gave great marks and with complete fixture marks will achieve even more success.





  • The Scribe Mark was more of a challenge to mark without proper permanent fixturing. Scribing is a process where a diamond tip penetrates and drags across the surface leaving an indention mark. One of the greatest benefits of the scribe is the noise level limitations, fast cycle times and cost savings over a laser.
  • If marked with proper fixturing the mark will look significantly better, most closely resemble your current mark.


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