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Model 851 marking date code into Automotive Rear Lower Control Arm

Marking Solution tested: Standard 751KA and KB holders

Part Description: Rear Lower Control Arm

Part Material: High Strength Alloy.

Marking info: 1234     Character Size: 4 1/8″

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark cycle time required: 5 Seconds

Reason for test… Continue reading

Model 75 single blow air hammer used for QC acceptance mark

The air powered and hand held Model 75 provides a great solution for marking a passing QC marks on parts in a test stand. Continue reading

2D Code made with I-Mark I Series Dot-Peen

Clear 2D codes are the result of using the I-Mark I series (Industrial) dot-peen system. Great reliable marks for industrial automated marking. Continue reading

CMT Model 75 Single Blow Air hammer used for station ID

The Model 75 is used to provide quick economical station identification and traceability. Continue reading

I-Mark I series Dot-Peen Marking Video

The CMT I-Mark I series dot-peen marking system make a 2D code. Continue reading