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Columbia Marking Tools Introduction

A quick video introduction to Columbia Marking Tools Continue reading

I-Mark IMH60 Heavy Duty Dot-Pen Hand Held Marker

I-Mark Electronic Dot-Peen Hand Held

The all electric hand held dot-peen solution from CMT offers a great choice for flexible part marking. 

I-Mark Hand Held Video

The CMT I-Mark IMH60 Hand Held Heavy Duty Dot-Peen marking system Continue reading

CMT Blue – Standard Machine color

Q: What is the CMT standard Machine color?

Q: Ral5022 Night Blue

Roll Marking Machine

R800 Automatic Roll Type Video

R800/R500 roll type attachment and Holder video Continue reading

Servo Roll Marking System

Roll Marking Machine

The CMT 860S Custom Servo roll marking machine offers latest technology in both Roll Marking and Error Proofing. The marking legend length is precisely programmed to assure the exact length every time. This further reduces tooling changeover… Continue reading

Automated Impact Marker Station

Automated Impact Marker Station

The CMT Slide-A-Marktm Floor mounted pedestal is used in robotic cells to provide the fastest date marking operation available. Complete cycle time including loading and unloading part is less than 3 seconds, marked to the depth… Continue reading

Eclipse Laser Enclosure Line

Custom Laser Marking Machine

Large bed laser enclosure CMT Eclipsetm LE48 is a perfect versatile low volume large part laser marking station. The LE48 is a Class 1 certified laser enclosure (CDRH). CMT offers a variety of laser source selection,… Continue reading

Model 78 exhausts “too much air”

Q: For the Model 78,  when it impacts it seems to exhaust a lot of air. This is normal correct? Its just some sort of a quick exhaust?

A: The seals are design to release the air when… Continue reading