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Average weight per Impact Marker

Q: What are the weights for air impact markers models 88,98,288,298,451,751,851 and 78?


A: Average weight per model – options selected may impact weight.

Model 88 –  6.5 lbs.

Model 98 –  15 lbs.

Model 288 –… Continue reading

Differences between CMG13 & CMC

Q: What is the difference between the CMG and CMC groove stamps?


A: Both the length of the stamps and the groove location are different. The CMG stamps are used in the very popular CMT air impact markers.

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Machine ID

Machine ID

Q: Where to find the I-Mark Machine ID?

A: The 8 digit code is found under the diagnostics tab. This is sometimes required to issue a new key.


Soft Home position

Here are some screen shots as well as instructions on setting the soft I recommend that after 15 to 20 runs send the marking head back to the hard home position as it will tend to drift as once that… Continue reading