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2″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH200LOGOS (( Anejo ))

Test Mark








Dot Peen 1 Marking Solution tested: IM-M125

Part Description: Aluminum Tag

Part Material: Aluminum

Mark info: Character size: 3/16”

Mark info: # of characters: 10 characters

Depth of mark Estimated .003

PSI Used… Continue reading

IMIS60P2P – Test Mark

Scribe Marking Solution tested: IMIS60 Scribe   Part Description: HHP cover Part Material: Steel   Mark info: Character size: 1/8”  Mark info: # of characters: 8 digit with man 2d code  Depth of mark >.003  Air pressure:… Continue reading

Dot Peen and Scribe









CMT Test Marking Lab Results

Marking Solution tested:     Dot Peen and Diamond scribe Place sample photo here Part Description:      Ducting material Part Material:      … Continue reading