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1/2″ Custom logo Stamp CMH50LOGOS (( MANGUM & wings ))

Artwork Imprint

3/8″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH38LOGOS (( LNC inside Anvil ))

3/8″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH38LOGOS (( K. ))

Artwork Imprint

CMT’s 2 sided Bar Stock Marker


Marking Steel HEX marking a 4 digit heat code.


I-Mark IM-M75 Bench Programable Dot Peen Marker


CMT I- mark IM-M75 Marking 10 lines of text on a steel tag.

1/2″ Bride & Grooming Kissing CMH50SYMJ22

Bride & Groom Kissing

1/2″ Bride & Groom Kissing Logo on R-Buster steel hand stamp.

a) Shank sized to fit b) 3″ long for easy gripping c) Double pass engraved for extra clarity d) Custom heat treat for long… Continue reading

Handy Andy X – new model Buy Now!

1/4″ Mother & Child Hand Stamp (( CMH25SYMJ27 ))

Mother & Child Stamp






Custom steel stamp lead times.

Q- How long does it take to have a custom metal stamp made?


A- Typically it takes 2-3 weeks. 2 weeks for repeat orders.

*Large quantities may take 3-4 weeks.

Minimum order requirement.

Q- Does Columbia Marking Tools have a minimum order requirement?

A- CMT’s minimum order requirement is $50.00.

*The cost for shipping is not included as part of the order total.