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Model 912 Hot Stamp



Columbia Model 912 air powered hot stamp unit including:

a) Heavy duty cast iron body with 4 bolt mounting and heat sink cooling fins

b) Keyed non-rotating ram

c) Quick change dovetail tooling mount

d) 1″ stroke

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1/2″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH50LOGOS (( Dumb Bell Outline ))

1/2″ Football Helmet (( CMH50SYMJ49 ))


Hand held air hammer model 75/85

The model 75/85 are a great option for simple inspection marks.

These units take out the safety hazard of hand stamping. Available in 1,500 lbs. of force (model 75) and 2,500 lbs. of force. (model 85)

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Replacing Stamps in RMC Roll type holders

When replacing your stamps in your roll type holder it is very important to make that your stamps are properly set in the holder before you tighten down and attach to your machine.




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3/4″ Custom Logo Stamp CMH75LOGOM (( DAIKON Box with Line ))

Customers Artwork Imprint

RE: Test marking date/ shift code with a 2D Data Matrix.



Thank you for providing CMT the opportunity to show you the new Square-Dot technology. This technology was developed to save customers money and provide them with a viable alternative solution to the… Continue reading

Q and A My I-Mark is printing backawards.


We took a controller from another machine that is undergoing some work.

The controller I have currently has all the correct firmware.  I do have an issue, whenever I print out data, it seems to all be backwards.… Continue reading

Press style Imapct Marker PR 98

The Press Style Impact marking system is the perfect solution for marking  limited lot or QC numbers on aluminum, steel and cast iron parts.

Press Style Impact Marking Unit:

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IMIS60 Scribe Test Mark


Sample mark was done on CMT I-Mark IMI60


*Parts were provided with a sample of current mark.


Test mark to show the how CMT’s Scribe can make a reliable stress free mark



Test Mark

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