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Setting up your 2 sided bar stock marker

Here are the instructions for setting up the machine for production marking.


  1. Start first by making sure the area is clear the machine has stopped. Press STOP if needed.
  2. Open the front guard up by pulling on the locking… Continue reading

Setting up Model R800 Roll Attachment

Q: How do I Set up my model R800 Roll Attachment




1. Index the part to be marked to the selected marking position.

2. Advance the Marking Tool slide… Continue reading

Recommended spare parts for our IM-M75

Q What are the recommended spare parts for the IM-M75 with a standard pin.


A: Recommended spare parts list along with how often you should change.


Part Number



• Most commonly replaced part… Continue reading

I Mark Band Fixture

When Setting up your band fixture for marking steel bands. Make sure that the steel backing plate is on the top and the clips are facing the back of the stand.


If you put the fixture on backwards… Continue reading

Model 912 spare parts

Q: Customer called in and informed us that there model 912 hot stamping unit has been running for 225 million cycles and the parts are now starting to wear. He is requesting a spare parts list for replacement.


A:… Continue reading

IMC Custom marking solutions

Columbia Marking Tools can provide custom marking solutions for any of your marking needs.

  • IMC-150-AJ1500 programmable dot peen / scribe marker
  • Programmable 6” Z-Axis
  • Heavy duty steel machine mount with rotate/pivot feature
  • Manual Self centering chuck to secure parts for… Continue reading

SquareDot marking

SquareDot is one of the State of the art features of the I-Mark software exclusively offered by Columbia Marking Tools.


This features allows you to print a Data Matrix using high resolution squares instead of simple dots.


Squares… Continue reading

UID Marking

I-Mark’s sophisticated software will provide your proper UID algorithm for the format you are required to use.


When I-Mark was developed we wanted to create a software to make your identification process simple as possible.


I-Mark software is… Continue reading

Adding graphics in I-Mark

I -Mark software is pre-loaded with graphics.



Create a new layout.



Once your new layout opens , the layout ribbon will be selected on the ribbon at the top of the page.



Click… Continue reading