Monthly Archives: December 2014

I-Mark service RMA

Customer: Do I need an RMA to send in my IM-M75 for service. We had a part crash into the head and I would like it reviewed.


CMT: Sorry to hear that, yes you can use the link below… Continue reading

How many amps does the controller for the IM-ID60 draw?

Customer: How many amps does the model 200 controller for the IM-ID60 draw?


CMT: 6 amp draw on average. 10 amp circuit breaker is recommended.

751-26 bushing won’t come out on the model 751-25-OK-60-E2-NL

Customer: I am trying to change out the seals in the model 751-25-OK-60-E2-NL, but cannot get Det.26 bushing out.


CMT: You will need a spanner wrench. If you do not have a spanner wrench you can leave the collar… Continue reading

Model 751 not retracting

Customer: I have the model 751-OK-25-00 Slide-A-Mark. The unit extends to mark but does not retract, while extended it leaks air.

CMT: The model 751 is designed to allow air to pass through the keyway to help keep them clean.… Continue reading