Air Impact FAQ

FAQ for air impact markers

Model 288 part number location

The model 288’s part number location can somethimes be hard to find.

It is stamped on the mounting bracket. See beolw.



Model 751/851 part number location

The complete part number will be stamped on the back cap.

See below for an example. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Model 298 part number location

The part number for the model 298 will be stamped on the brass front cap.

See below for an example. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Model 78 part number location.

The part number for the model 78 can be located on the side on the housing.

See below for an example.


Model 751 leaking air out the rod end.

Customer: We  have the model 751-OK-25-00 air impact marker. We have the unit installed and are currently testing it.

It is leaking air out the front end near the compression spring. Do I need new seals?


CMT:… Continue reading

Model 451-OAS63-25-E

Q. I need to mark (18) 3/32” tall characters into aluminum. Will the model 451-OAS63-25-E work?


A. No it will not. (See below)

The model 451-OAS63-25-E only has a 5/8’’ wide pocket which will only hold (6) 3/32’’ characters.… Continue reading

751 Slide-A-Mark Heavy Duty holder retention

Customers with the Slide-A-Mark air impact marker sometimes have problems with the quick change holder coming loose.  There are many factors that can contribute to the loosening, incorrect orientation of the ball lock, the holder is not flush when… Continue reading

751-26 bushing won’t come out on the model 751-25-OK-60-E2-NL

Customer: I am trying to change out the seals in the model 751-25-OK-60-E2-NL, but cannot get Det.26 bushing out.


CMT: You will need a spanner wrench. If you do not have a spanner wrench you can leave the collar… Continue reading

Model 751 not retracting

Customer: I have the model 751-OK-25-00 Slide-A-Mark. The unit extends to mark but does not retract, while extended it leaks air.

CMT: The model 751 is designed to allow air to pass through the keyway to help keep them clean.… Continue reading

Part number location for 751 Slide-A-Mark

Q- I would like a quote for a 751 Slide-A-Mark but do not know the complete part number. Is the part number stamps on the unit?


A- Yes the complete part number is stamped on the back cap. Please… Continue reading