Marking Stamps and dies

Steel and brass dies and stamps for marking products.

Custom Embossing Die

Embossing Die

HPAG8908- ”UNIVERSAL STUD” Male/Female embossing pair Bank Gothic Md italic font Size: Cap .750” Lower .600”

Embossing Die (HPAG8908)




Male /Female embossing pair

Font Gothic Mid italic

Size: Cap .750″

Lower 600″

Model R800-75S


Marked Part

Marked Part 









Model R800-75S Roll Attachment for .75″ shank.  Accepts RS style type holder.

RSB-500 roll type holder Stamp capacity per character size 5/32”   … Continue reading

Custom 2D Code Die

Custom Die

HENAF2660 Det 01- Custom Press Stamp to Read: 21-28643-000  103985, and 2D code and additional engraving/ (Ref Dwg. AB9699) Blank Size: 3.75″ x .75″ x 1.25″

Special Knurl Dies


MILAF2965 Det 01- Special Knurl Die * 1.875″ Dia * Reading: 0 thru 190 * 3/32″ Character Size * 5/16″ long line with the numbers * 3/16″ long lines * 1/4″ long line half way between each numbered mark

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Blank Engraved and Heat Treated

Comparison to Competitor

Engrave and Heat Treat of MAC’S logo per customer supplied art work. Logo height to be as big as possible which will be around 7/8”. Move the ”M” Logo and the MAC’S closer together. Blank supplied is… Continue reading

W-1 vs CPMM4 for CM7X round inserts

Your Question: We use 1/4” round insert stamps for marking full hard 301 stainless steel.  A consultant recommended the use of CPM4 as a stamp material to increase life of stamps.  I was wondering material you make our… Continue reading

Custom Stamp

50 LITER 10 in. Rev “D” Det 6A Custom stamp to read: A *Heat code *1/8″ sharp face character *Gothic font

Custom Embossing Dies To Mark Brass

Custom Embossing Dies

AE4299-Custom embossing die set (male/female) Buick logo per customer artwork Logo approx. 4″ x 2″


CNC Automatic Roll Type Holder

Automatic Roll Type Holder

CNC Automatic roll type holder attachment to hold custom roll die.

Shank to be 1″ square. For more information on CNC automatic roll type holders click on the link below.