I-Mark IMIS60 Square Dot Test Mark


Square – Dot Test Mark

Model: IMIS60 Integrator Ballscrew driven scribe marking system

Marking: Transmission Cover

Material: Aluminum Casting

Characters: 1/8” characters

Reading: Date code/shift code. Serial number. With a 2D Square Dot Data Matrix

120815(sp)1(sp) 000 Square… Continue reading

Square Dot vs Dot Peen 2D code

Side by side test of the same part being marked two different ways.

Aluminum Part


(25) 1/8″ characters with corresponding 2D code

Method #1 Dot-Peen with IMID60 I-Mark Integrator Dot-Peen System

IMID60 2D Code

Method #2 Scribe with IMC150… Continue reading

CMT offers contract marking!

Q: I need some marking done but I only have to mark a few times a year. Do you have a service that will mark our parts for us?

A: We can support you with our contract marking services.… Continue reading

Properties/ Set up for using a hand held scanner


Good Morning Service

I am currently setting up my scanner. Do you have a recommended properties settings.



Good Morning


I have attached a copy of what you properties should look like if you properly configured your… Continue reading

Tech Support for marker with firmware updates.




I am trying to reach someone in the customer support group that might be able to help me with an error that I am seeing on our machine (SN AJ3832).  The error says that either the… Continue reading

Dot Peen Vin Marking in Tight Areas

Is there a spot on your part that you think can’t be marked because of area restraints?  Columbia offers several different options for getting into those tight spots.  Below is a IM30 Low Profile marking head to do just that.


Recommended spare parts for our IM-M75

Q What are the recommended spare parts for the IM-M75 with a standard pin.


A: Recommended spare parts list along with how often you should change.


Part Number



• Most commonly replaced part… Continue reading

IMC Custom marking solutions

Columbia Marking Tools can provide custom marking solutions for any of your marking needs.

  • IMC-150-AJ1500 programmable dot peen / scribe marker
  • Programmable 6” Z-Axis
  • Heavy duty steel machine mount with rotate/pivot feature
  • Manual Self centering chuck to secure parts for… Continue reading

SquareDot marking

SquareDot is one of the State of the art features of the I-Mark software exclusively offered by Columbia Marking Tools.


This features allows you to print a Data Matrix using high resolution squares instead of simple dots.


Squares… Continue reading

UID Marking

I-Mark’s sophisticated software will provide your proper UID algorithm for the format you are required to use.


When I-Mark was developed we wanted to create a software to make your identification process simple as possible.


I-Mark software is… Continue reading