Dot-Peen FAQ

FAQ for Dot-Peen marking

Marking a time stamp onto Thermoplastic Part

Customer’s Request to CMT: I am interested in a hot stamp or ink unit to mark a time stamp onto a Thermoplastic part.

Solution from CMT: Marking a time stamp onto a part requires the marking legend to change every… Continue reading

Dot peen of very small characters

Question: How small of a character can I mark with the I-Mark M-75 series dot peen marker with the “fixed dot” style marking stylus?

Answer:  There are many factors that can affect the results of small character marking.  … Continue reading

Dot Peen Marking on a curved surface without using a rotator.

Q: Can the I-Mark be used to mark on a curved part without using a rotator?


Using the fixed dot pin on the Bench Top M Series gives you that option. The fixed dot pin travels over… Continue reading

IMID I-Mark Dot-Peen pin “sticking”

Q: We are having a problem with one of the I-mark system we have for the Paccar project. During production it will just stop and the pin will be stuck up in the marker, how we recover is to go… Continue reading

Handy Andy Software and Addons

Handy Andy Software Archive:

Handy Andy Handy Andy Professional : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 to present

Handy Andy Pro: HandyAndyProSetup 6.64 : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 and before

Handy Andy Fonts: hand_andy_fonts : Fonts for Handy Andy Marking… Continue reading

Handy Andy Serial counter not working

Q: We have a Handy Andy marking tool and I am having issues setting up the sequential numbering under the variable tab.

A: Page 18 in the manual covers the counter:

The counter process is interwoven into the software… Continue reading

Handy Andy Drivers

Q: In looking at the manual I see no notes about compatibility beyond Win XP. Will it function with Win7 32Bit? We have tried using a XP virtual machine inside of a Win7 64bit machine but the user couldn’t get… Continue reading

EasyMarker E-Stop Suggestions


To summarize:

The system worked in the = past.CMT recently did service on the marker and = controller.When marker was returned, it worked when hooked up to a = laptop at your desk.When connected to a PLC and other… Continue reading

I-Series Mounting Techniques

The open end of the I-60-Series marker has drilled and tapped holes for mounting the debris shield.

At one plant they mounted a standoff bumper for the robot to press the part against.

The frame of the marker is very… Continue reading

Switch From TMP1700 to CMT

Q: Good afternoon, My customer currently uses a Telesis TMP-1700 marking system but would like to switch to a Columbia.  Can  you provide pricing for the similar unit? Thanks!

A: CMT has THREE systems that compare with… Continue reading