Handy Andy X

Handy Andy X Dot-Peen Mark on OD

Handy Andy X can mark on the OD of round parts. Continue reading

Handy Andy X Software

Latest Version of Handy Andy Software that works with all Handy Andy X models. All systems manufactured after 7/15/2015 (with the serial number AL01653 or after).

Software Link for Version

Handy Andy not running on Windows 10? Digital Signature issue.

While CMT has been working with Microsoft to get the digital signatures working, sometimes the drivers might not load correctly.

Please download and run this exe. to fix the issue with your Handy Andy. 

Manually teach your layout with the Handy Andy X

Teach Function



Manually teach your marking head to the location that you would like your text starting point on your part to be.


Click on your text in your marking layout. To highlight the entity.


In… Continue reading

Addind Graphics into your Handy Andy X



Handy Andy X also allows you to add DXF graphics or logos to your marking layout,


You can input a graphic by selecting graphic from the ribbon or dragging it for the entity tool box.


 … Continue reading

Creating a new Layout in Handy Andy X

Creating a New Layout


To create a new layout, you select the grid with a green plus sine in the top right corner of your program ribbon.







After you select the new layout… Continue reading